Interested in joining a free group run? Check out the Saltspring Trail Runners. Click the link below to check out their Facebook page for current events or to organize a run.

Wanting to head out on the trails for a run but don't know them? Fear getting lost? No worries. ​I've spent hundreds of hours running the trails that crisscross this island while training for ultra-marathons (50 km- 50 mile).

My PERSONALIZED RUNNING TOURS are completely customized to the day, time, distance and type of terrain (steep, hilly, technical, flat, single track, forest service road, etc...) that you want to run. I'll design a route for us to run at your pace. These runs are perfect if you are a tourist visiting the island, training for a race or business traveler fitting in a run. Pick-up and drop-off available.

I'm a LSD runner (Long Slow Distance). I like running at an easy pace for hours.

Running photos on this website by Glenn Tachiyama,


Cost for a personalized running tour is $50 for a run up to 5km for the group and $3 for each additional km per person.

Group size limited to 4 people if pick-up and drop off is needed and 6 people if group meets at trail head.​​

Trail RUNNING tours

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